XVII International Symposium on Latin American Thought

XVII International Symposium on Latin American Thought

The Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas (UCLV) summons professionals from the social and humanistic sciences, social fighters, interested people from Latin America and the world to the XVII International Symposium on Latin American Thought, to be held within the IV Convention International Scientist of Science, Technology and Society (CCI 2023). Researchers from the academic, political, religious, artistic world, from social movements interested in the history and development of Latin American philosophical and social thought may participate. The meeting will take place from November 13 to 17, 2023 and will aim to exchange experiences on various topics related to the study of Latin American thought.

The central theme of the XVII Symposium will be: "Doing and thinking Latin America today between challenges and utopias".
 Papers may be submitted on the following topics:

1. Theory and Practice of Latin American critical thought and the urgencies of contemporary societies.
2. Social movements and the Latin American left in the context of the neoliberal offensive.
3. Culture, humanism and identity in the reflection of the Latin American continent.
4. Ethics, science and the environment in the face of the challenges of a post-pandemic Latin America.
5. The Cuban Revolution: social practice and symbolic construction.
6. Latin American thought as an object of study. Current Approaches.
7. Social sciences and communication, the new field of hegemonic construction.
8. Education and Social Sciences in Latin America today. Challenges and perspectives.

The Symposium will predominantly meet in the form of workshops or discussion panels; therefore, proposals will be accepted to form thematic tables and panels, as well as other activities, even in the case of those topics that are not included in this call, provided that they remain in the profile of a Latin American thought event and are coordinated previously with the organizers. At the same time, the presentations will be received as a basis for the organization of the tables that have not been previously coordinated.
Within the framework of the XVII International Symposium on Latin American Thought, the presentation of books, master's and doctoral postgraduate programs and research projects resulting from the work of the group of the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Department of Marxism of the UCLV, which together with philosophers, includes political theorists, economists, historians, sociologists, jurists, psychologists, among others; those with a long tradition of transdisciplinary work.

President: Dr. Idalsis Fabre Machado, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Executive Secretary: Dr. Anayansi Castellón Jiménez, Director of the Department of Philosophy.
Honorary President: Dr. Pablo Guadarrama González, Professor of Merit at UCLV.
President of the Academic Commission: Dr. Rafael Plá León, Professor of the Department of Philosophy.
Other members: Dr. María Luz Mejías Herrera, Dr. Boris Santana Cabrera, Dr. Diana Concepción Toledo, Dr. Edgardo Romero Fernández, Dr. María Teresa Vila Bormey, Dr. Antonio Bermejo Santos, Dr. Marilys Marrero, MSc. Yaima Martinez Aleman.
Platform Coordinator:
Lic. Madonna González Yera
Claudia Rodriguez Cruz

Ubicación del evento

III Convención Científica Internacional UCLV 2021
Highway to Camajuaní 5 1/2 km
Santa Clara VCL


Los detalles para el registro serán publicados próximamente
Fecha y Hora
November 13, 2023
Inicio - 8:30 AM
November 17, 2023
Fin - 5:00 PM Cuba

III Convención Científica Internacional UCLV 2021

Highway to Camajuaní 5 1/2 km
Santa Clara VCL 50100

III Convención Científica Internacional UCLV 2021


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