Master conferences

15th International Workshop “Communities 2023: history and development” “COMMUNITIES”

Ivo Aertsen

Conference (virtual): The role of the community in the implementation of restorative practices

Emeritus professor at the Institute of Criminology of the University of Leuven (Belgium). Graduate in psychology, law and criminology. He chaired the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) in the period 2000-2004. Initiator and coordinator of the European FP7 ALTERNATIVE project on the development of alternative interpretations of justice and security. He is editor-in-chief of The International Journal of Restorative Justice.

Laura Berrios Villafuerte

Conference (virtual): “Family, cell of societies in the world

Comprehensive humanistic psychotherapist, gestalt executive coach and neurolinguistic programming. Mentor in resignification and integral humanistic development, expert in neuromindset. Master in psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. Director of the World Parliament of Education in Peru (PAME). Founding member of the CIGE International Chamber of Business Management based in the USA. Founder and international president of People with Disabilities Without Borders (OIPD) and the International Youth Ministry (MIJ).

Juan Bello Domínguez

Conference (virtual): “Be different and not give in to indifference. Dialogue and identity in community building

Doctor in Sociology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Member of the National System of Researchers of the National Council of Humanities, Science and Technology of Mexico. Research Professor at the National Pedagogical University and Postgraduate Tutor in Education. Tutor of the Doctorate in Pedagogy at the Faculty of Higher Studies Aragón of the UNAM. Member of the Research Project coordinated by the Peninsula State University of Santa Elena (Ecuador): “University educational inclusion. Construction of a scientific-academic strategy for the institutions that are part of the REDIPIES International Network, in the period 2023-2025. He obtained the distinction as Development Leader in Latin America granted by the Honorable Senate of the Nation of Argentina, the Argentine Federation of Municipalities and the Latin American Federation of Cities and Communes.

Ramón Rivero Pino

Conference: “University educational inclusion. The role of social sciences

Doctor in Philosophical Sciences, Master in Community Development and Master of Arts in Philosophy. Full Professor and University Researcher for 36 years. He has been director of the Community Studies Center of the "Marta Abreu" Central University of Las Villas, Academic and Scientific Deputy Director of the National Center for Sexual Education (Cuba). He is currently a Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Peninsula State University of Santa Elena (Ecuador) and is a member of the University Research Council. He directs the Research and Innovation Center of the aforementioned Faculty and is a member of the Titling Commission of the Master's Program in Social Management and Development with a Major in Local Development. He has obtained different distinctions, among which the Prize of the Cuban Academy of Sciences stands out. He has worked as a United Nations expert on Comprehensive Sexuality and Violence Education issues. He is a member of the World Family Organization, the World Parliament of Education and the Global Mentoring Network.

Carlos Roberto da Silva Machado

Conference: “Mapping social and environmental conflicts. Expanding the possibilities of analysis from environmental education to environmental justice

Associate professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande (8FURG) in Public Education Policies and Fundamentals of Environmental Education in the Graduate Program in Environmental Education (PPGEA) where he has been coordinator between 2015-2017. In the last ten years he has been investigating environmental and urban conflicts in the city of Rio Grande and in the extreme south of Brazil, and since 2015 in Uruguay. He coordinates the Urban and Environmental Conflict Observatory. He carried out postdoctoral studies in Rio de Janeiro (IPPUR); Uruguay (Anthropology) and Portugal (Sociology). He is editor of the Magazine – Ambiente & Educação Ambiental (FURG) and Reviewer of the Revistas do Mestre em Educação Ambiental (REMEA), Perspectiva (UFSC), Tekoporá (Uruguay), among others.

Marta Elena Feitó Cabrera

Conference: “Governance and Social Work

Minister of Labor and Social Security. Economic Engineer. Master in Human Resources Management from the José Antonio Echevarría Technological University and Master in Direction and Management of Social Security Systems from the University of Alcalá de Henares. Spain. For more than 10 years she held the vice presidency and the Secretariat respectively in the Inter-American Legal and Care Commissions for the Elderly, as well as the Coordination of Subregion V Mexico and the Latin Caribbean in the Inter-American Conference on Social Security. She is currently the representative of Cuba before the International Labor Conference.

13th International Symposium on Structures, Geotechnics and Construction Materials

Genner Alvarito Villarreal Castro

Conference: “Main Research Lines in Earthquake Resistant Engineering

Graduated with honors as a Civil Engineer and Master at the Institute of Construction Engineering of Kiev - Ukraine in 1991, being a member of the College of Engineers of Peru since 1992 and of the Peruvian Chapter of the ACI since 1999. He defended his Doctorate degree with honors. (Ph.D) at the National University of Civil Engineering of Moscow – Russia in 2004. He has taught undergraduate teaching at 7 Peruvian universities and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of San Martín de Porres. He has been a postgraduate professor at thirteen (13) universities, including universities in Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia. He has published more than 40 articles in specialized magazines, 28 books and other teaching materials, he has given more than 400 national and international events, receiving 20 institutional recognitions and 3 national awards, as well as the Honoris Causa doctorate from the University of San Pedro, professor visitor to 10 Peruvian and foreign universities and guest professor at the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas, with which he has maintained academic collaboration relations since 1994.

Kristof Maes

Conference: “Detection of structural damage based on vibration measurements in Civil Engineering structures

Kristof Maes obtained his Master's degree in Civil Engineering in 2011. Then, in April 2016, he obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering on "Force Identification and State Estimation in Structural Dynamics". As a postdoctoral researcher, he worked actively in the field of structural health monitoring, where he was the main contributor to field measurements on the KW51 railway bridge in Leuven, Belgium, which have become a benchmark in the field. Currently, Kristof is a Research Expert at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), where he works with Professor Geert Lombaert, co-author of this presentation, on various topics related to structural health monitoring.

Geert Lombaert

Conference: “Detection of structural damage based on vibration measurements in Civil Engineering structures

Kristof Maes obtained his Master's degree in Civil Engineering in 2011. Then, in April 2016, he obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering on "Force Identification and State Estimation in Structural Dynamics". As a postdoctoral researcher, he worked actively in the field of structural health monitoring, where he was the main contributor to field measurements on the KW51 railway bridge in Leuven, Belgium, which have become a benchmark in the field. Currently, Kristof is a Research Expert at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), where he works with Professor Geert Lombaert, co-author of this presentation, on various topics related to structural health monitoring.

Luca Albertario

Conference: “Structural Reinforcement Systems – MAPEI

Civil Engineer at the University of Pavia (Lombardy, Italy, 2011), he is a high-level specialist in structural analysis, design of steel, concrete and masonry structures. He has great experience and experience in MAPEI's structural reinforcement line. He is currently the Regional Product Line Manager for Structural Reinforcement for MAPEI subsidiaries in North America, South America and Switzerland. He has collaborated in the development of multiple research and development projects aimed at the development and optimization of MAPEI structural reinforcement systems. He is leader of the multidisciplinary team for the development of the calculation software for structural reinforcement with MAPEI reinforcement systems.

Rafael Ramírez Díaz

Conference: “Use of latest generation materials for the construction, repair and reinforcement of buildings and civil works

Civil Engineer (CUJAE, Havana, Cuba, 2010), Doctor in Technical Sciences (Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas, Santa Clara, 2020), has published several scientific articles in referenced journals, has participated in a dozen national and international events. international, has completed dozens of diagnostic investigations of structures and bridges, with solution projects implemented, in his more than 10 years of professional experience and knowledge in the study, design, structural monitoring and restoration of buildings and bridges. A specialist in Structures and Materials, he has participated in international collaboration projects with European funds destined for structural research and monitoring. He acted as a team leader and subject matter expert on several projects, providing solutions to standard and non-standard problems. He worked closely with multidisciplinary teams, increasing efficiency through process improvements. He demonstrates excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

Victor Yepes Piqueras

Conference: “Hybrid optimization of the life cycle of bridges and mixed and modular structures of high social and environmental efficiency under restrictive budgets (HYDELIFE)

Doctor Civil Engineer, Canals and Ports. University Professor of the Department of Construction Engineering and Civil Engineering Projects of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Counselor of the Teaching and Research Sector of the College of Civil, Canal and Port Engineers. Number 1 in his promotion, he has developed his professional life in construction companies, in the public sector and in the university environment. He has received the Teaching Excellence Award from the Social Council of the UPV. He is a researcher at the Institute of Concrete Science and Technology (ICITECH) and visiting professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He has been academic director of the Master's Degree in Concrete Engineering (accredited with the EUR-ACE seal). He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate subjects related to construction procedures and construction management, quality and innovation, predictive models and optimization in engineering. His current lines of research focus on multi-objective optimization, sustainability and life cycle analysis of bridges and concrete structures.

Ernesto Luciano Chagoyen Méndez

Conference: “Structural Monitoring of Bridges: 20 years of experiences in Cuba

Graduated in Civil Engineering (UCLV-1982), Ph. D. (KGTUSA-Ukraine-1993), Full Professor (UCLV-2001), 41 years of experience in teaching and research, +80 awards and recognitions including the National Life and Work Award, from the UNAICC Civil Engineering Society (2021), “Carlos J. Finlay (2023)” Medals, “Frank País” I (2018) and II (2013) degrees, “Jose Tey” (2009) ), Medal and distinction for Cuban Education (2006) all awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, co-author of several ACC awards, several relevant and outstanding awards in Science and Technology Forums, Quality Award Humana Integral CALHI'2000, awarded by secret vote of students from the San Pedro Sula campus, UNITEC, Honduras, Honorary Professor of the UPAO (Trujillo, Peru, 2009). Guest professor at universities in Peru, Honduras, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ethiopia. Tutor of several doctoral theses, 18 master's theses and 78 diploma projects. Jury in +30 scientific degree boards of doctor and higher teaching categories. He has participated in +30 research projects, international collaboration, construction and technical services of high added value, he has taught 120 undergraduate courses in Cuba and abroad, 83 postgraduate courses in Cuba and abroad, he has published 104 articles in national and international magazines, and participated in 85 national and international events presenting hundreds of papers. Member of the UNAICC (1983-), of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (2014-) and coordinates the Doctorate Program in Civil Engineering (since 2009) evaluated as a program of excellence by the National Accreditation Board (2022 ).

Sofía Sánchez Berriel

Conference:  “Industrial calculator for financial feasibility and carbon emissions of LC3 production.”

Graduated in Economics in 2010. She has 12 years of teaching and research experience. PhD in Economic Sciences from UCLV in 2018. Participates in the LC3 project since 2011 where she currently works as a postdoc. Expert in the area of sustainability-oriented impact assessment, specialized in investments in the cement sector. Among others, trained in the application of the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment method combining Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA), Economic Life Cycle Assessment (EC-LCA) and the integration of the results of the three assessments. Specific technical expertise: Evaluation of quarries, transport and production costs, Ex-ante and ex-post feasibility studies, Evaluation of CO2 emissions in the cement sector, Eco-efficiency of concrete, Energy balance, Life cycle sustainability assessment, Short-term strategy and policies.

José Fernando Martirena Hernández

Conference:  “Sustainability of cement and concrete in Latin America”

Graduated from Civil Engineering 1983. He took his PhD degree in 1988, and Doctor in Sciences (Dr.Sc.) in 2004 in subjects related to construction and materials. Part of his post graduate education has taken place in Central Europe (Germany and Switzerland) as Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Professor Fernando Martirena is the director of the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Estructuras y Materiales, CIDEM (Centre for Research & Development of Structures and Materials) at the Universidad Central de las Villas in Cuba. As RILEM Senior member he chairs the TC on Calcined Clays created in 2018. He has strong connections with the industry, mostly related to the swift introduction of LC3 in commercial practice.

Theodore Hanein

Conference:  “Clinker Design for a Sustainable Future.”

Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Experimental Thermodynamics in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He has more than 30 publications in high impact journals and has acquired ~£4M research funding as Principal Investigator. He graduated with both a BSc in Chemistry (2010) and Chemical Engineering (2011) from the University of Balamand in Lebanon. After a summer internship as a process engineer in a cement plant, he went on to complete an MSc from the University of Manchester (2012) in Advanced Process Integration and Design, and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen (2016) where he specialised in cement technology and clinker thermodynamics. He then immediately started working as a postdoc in the Materials Department at the University of Sheffield and was awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (2021) on "Green, Circular, and Smart Cement Manufacture". His work on clinker thermodynamics was recognised with the Le Chatelier Medal (2020) for the best paper published in Cement and Concrete Research. Theo is Deputy Chair of the RILEM technical committee on Upcycling Powder Minerals into Cement Matrices and serves as Associate Editor for Advances in Cement Research. 

3rd International Scientific Conference “Challenges of Education 2023”

Dr. C Ramón Pichs Madruga

Conference: “Climate science in the Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Its usefulness in university education

Graduate in Foreign Trade Economics, University of Havana (1985). Master in Social Sciences, Lund University, Sweden (1991). Doctor in Economic Sciences, UNAM-Mexico (1998). Researcher at the World Economy Research Center (CIEM) (since 1986). Director of CIEM since 2013. Full Member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) for 2012-2018, re-elected for 2018-2024. Member of the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1997. Elected as Vice President of the IPCC (July 2023). Academic collaboration with the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Inter-American Institute for Research on Global Changes (IAI) (2007-2013), UNEP (2000-2010). Adjunct Professor at the University of the Havana, since 2004. Alfonso Caso Medal, UNAM, Mexico (2004); “Carlos J. Finlay” Order, Cuba (2010); “Lázaro Peña” Order of the First Degree, Cuba (2018); Coordinator and co-author of several CIEM investigations that obtained ACC National Awards.

Dr. C Juan Virgilio López Palacios

Conference: “Cuban Pedagogy as a social science of great magnitude and scope

Honoris Causa Doctor in Pedagogy, UCLV. National Hero of Labor of the Republic of Cuba. Full Member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences. President of the “Gaspar Jorge García Galló” Chair of Pedagogy

20th International Symposium on Electrical Engineering “SIE 2023”

Dr.  Maria Valdes Hernandez

Conference: “Super-resolution of magnetic resonance images acquired under clinical protocols

Graduated with merits as Electronic Engineer and MSc in Electronics from the Central University of Las Villas, Cuba, PhD in Electronics and Informatics from Gunma University, Japan and obtained the Post-graduate certificate in University Teaching from The University of Edinburgh, UK. Over 15 years industrial experience in C programming and in writing image processing algorithms in MATLAB and C/C++ combined with assembly language. Seven years of experience designing control systems for power plants and industry. Two years of experience in embedded visual C++ programming, secure systems data management and wireless communications. Work in the industrial sector, intercalating with the academia in Cuba, Japan and UK. Several high impact publications in journals, invited oral presentations and software expositions nationally and internationally. Reputation in establishing successful national and international collaborations that are leading to further grants and institutional collaborative programmes

Dr.  Renata Longo

Conference: “Photon-counting CT: initial clinical results e new developments

Renata Longo is  Full Professor in Applied Physics at the Department of Physics of the University of Trieste in Italy and she is associate researcher at the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). She is director of the Master of Advanced Studies in Medical Physics, run jointly by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and the University of Trieste.  Her scientific research is in the field of medical imaging: developing single-photon counting spectral detectors and x-ray phase-contrast techniques. She has done research both in clinical applications and pre-clinical studies at synchrotron radiation facilities. Renata Longo is author of more than 200 scientific papers (h-index = 34).

3rd International Symposium "Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation 2023"

Dr.C. Luis Angel Garcia Vázquez

Conference: “Behavioral models of competitive activity in high-intensity intermittent sports. A necessary reflection

Doctorate from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Dr.C). Structural-Systemic Analysis Program for Sports Games. Applications to Sports Initiation, Talent Selection, School Sports and Sports Performance. Doctorate in Physical Culture Sciences (Dr.C). “Manuel Fajardo” University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences. Master in Sports Training (MSc). “Manuel Fajardo” Higher Institute of Physical Culture. Graduate in Physical Culture (Lic). “Manuel Fajardo” Higher Institute of Physical Culture. Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Physical Culture Sciences of the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas. Member of the Permanent Commission of Postgraduate Studies of the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas (COPEP). Rector's Award to the Coordinator of the Doctoral Program with the best level of accreditation in the year. Rector's Award to the member of the Doctoral Program Faculty with the best results in the year. Special distinction from the Minister of Higher Education of Cuba for the scientific result with the greatest impact. 2020, INDER National Award for the result with the greatest impact 2020, 40th Anniversary Recognition of the National Commission of Scientific Degrees of the Republic of Cuba in consideration of its outstanding performance and results based on the development of the System.

Dr.C. José Ramón Sanabria Navarro

Conference: “Physical activity and health in the territories: Promoting an active lifestyle

Postdoctoral degree in inclusive sport. University of Granada, Spain. Postdoctoral degree in sports facilities management. University of Granada, Spain. Postdoctoral degree in sports tourism. University of Granada, Spain. Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D). International College of Doctors. Doctorate in Physical Culture Sciences (Dr.C). “Manuel Fajardo” University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences. Master of Science in Administration and Management of Physical Culture and Sports (MSc). “Manuel Fajardo” University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences. Graduate in Physical Culture (Lic). “Manuel Fajardo” Higher Institute of Physical Culture. Legal representative of the GADE International Network of Administrative Management, Sports and Education. Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Córdoba, Colombia. Senior Researcher at the Ministry of Science and Technology of Colombia. Director of the research group “21st Century Mobility”. Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Physical Activity for Health at the University of Córdoba. Author of more than 20 scientific publications in JCR, Scopus, Science Direct magazines.

Dr.C. María Josefa Peralta González

Conference: “Systematic reviews and bibliometrics for scientific research

Doctor in Documentation and Scientific Information from the University of Granada and in Information Sciences in Cuba (2015). Master in Library and Information Sciences, University of Havana (2009). Graduate in Education, Chemistry Specialty at the Félix Varela Higher Institute of Santa Clara (2001). Professor and head of the Department of Information Sciences of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computing of the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas (UCLV). Member of the academic committee of the Master's Degree in Information and Knowledge for Development. Expert of the National Accreditation Board. Member of the faculty of the doctoral program in Information Sciences of the Department of Information Sciences of the University of Havana. Dolores Vizcaya Second Degree National Prize awarded by the ASCUBI (2020) and National Distinction of the Baccalaureate and Morales Seal awarded by the ASCUBI 2022. It has extensive production and scientific activity reflected in publications, participation in national and international research projects, thesis tutoring master's and doctoral degrees in science evaluation.

Dr. José Díaz Barahona

Conference: “The physical and sports education professional, the challenge of competition and digital integration

Full Professor at the University of Valencia

3rd International Conference on Sustainable Energy Development "CIDES 2023"

Manuela Azucena Escobedo Izquierdo

Conference: “Profile of Cuba congress

She is a mechanical electrician engineer and has a master's degree in energy engineering and a doctorate degree. from the Faculty of Architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Dr. Escobedo has more than 25 years of experience in energy efficiency and energy saving, she worked at CONUEE for 10 years, she has participated as a lecturer in National and International refereed conferences on the topic of savings and efficient use of energy energy, she has worked as a consultant for national and international institutions. Currently, she is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Engineering and teaches undergraduate and graduate level, she coordinates the specialization in Savings and Efficient Use of Energy at the Faculty of Engineering, and the “Energy Saving Projects” Group, as of 2021 she was recognized by CONAHCYT as a Researcher Candidate of the National System of Researchers.

2nd International Symposium on "Generation and Transfer of Knowledge for Digital Transformation" "SITIC2023"

Dr. Francisco Herrera

Conference: “Safe and reliable artificial intelligence: Risk and auditability scenarios

Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the UGR and Director of the Andalusian Institute for Research in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI). He is an academic of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (May 2019), and corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba (2022).

Dr.C. Sadia Vancauwenbergh

Conference: “Currents research information systems: perspectives and trends in higher education

Director of Research and Internationalization at the University of Hasselt (UHasselt) in Belgium. President of EUROCRIS (International non-profit association founded in 2002 to bring together experts in research information in general and in research information systems (CRIS) in particular).

Dr.C. María Aurora Soto Balbón

Conference: “Some aspects about information literacy and its connection with digital transformation

Graduate in Scientific-Technical Information and Library Science, University of Havana, 1980. Full Professor, University of Havana, Faculty of Communication, 1999 - Doctor in Information Sciences, University of Havana, Faculty of Communication

Tatiana Delgado Fernández

She graduated in Engineering in Automated Management Systems from the Technological University of Havana (1989). She has a master's degree in Optimization and Decision Making (1997) and a doctorate in Technical Sciences (2005). She is currently Vice President of Science and Innovation of the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba and Full Professor of the Business Informatics Department of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the CUJAE.

8th International Symposium "Psychology and Human Development" 2023

Ph.D. Rebeca María Elena Guzmán Saldaña

Conference: “Emotions, body image, self-efficacy and causal attributions regarding eating disorders in adolescents and young people

Graduate in Clinical Psychology (1987), Master in Experimental Psychology (2001), Doctor in Health Psychology (2012), Specialist in Psychology in Primary Health Care, Level 1 Researcher, and with the PRODEP Desirable Profile Recognition. Currently she is Director of the Institute of Health Sciences of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, she is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist; She is also a professor in the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, the Master's Degree in Public Health, the Master's Degree in Biomedical Sciences and the Master's Degree in Health Psychology and the Doctorate in Healthy Behavioral Sciences. She has been a speaker at various national and international scientific events, and develops the line of research “Evaluation and Intervention of Processes Related to Health and Disease.” She has published 40 articles, 38 book chapters, the books Psicodiabetes (2010), Diabetes and Education (2015), Bien en Familia (2019); and she has supervised 33 bachelor's and master's theses.

Ph.D. Rubén García Cruz

Conference: “Positive mental health

Full-time professor and researcher at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo for 20 years, Institute of Health Sciences, Academic Area of Psychology. 30 years of experience in the training of psychologists, medical personnel, paramedics and professionals in the educational field; as a postgraduate professor of the Master's degree in health sciences and Master's degree in biomedical and health sciences, and in the Master's degree and PhD in educational sciences. He is a member of the National System of Researchers with Level One and a member of the Consolidated Academic Body “Emotional Health”. He directs and participates in more than 10 research projects on emotional education and healthy coexistence in educational contexts, design and validation of child and adolescent evaluation and diagnosis instruments, and intervention on emotional education in infants. He has numerous publications and presentations at conferences on his research results on the topics he investigates.

Ph.D. Oscar Galindo Vázquez

Conference: “Cancer survivors Psychosocial needs and pathway of care and research

Doctor in Psychology, assigned to the Psycho-oncology Service of the National Cancer Institute INCan, Secretary of Health of Mexico. He is coordinator of the Unit for Research and Development of Psycho-oncology of INCan and member of the National System of Researchers, Level 2 CONACYT. He is a Master's and Doctorate tutor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, a member of the International Society of Psycho-Oncology IPOS, and a coordinating member of the Training in Psychosocial Research in Oncology group FIPOL. He is the author and co-author of various national and international publications.

Ph.D. Miguel Ángel Díaz Delgado

Conference: “Academic diplomacy in the leadership of higher education institutions, bases for understanding organizational dynamics

Researcher of the National System of Researchers of Mexico, focused on “educational leadership”, “management training”, “academic diplomacy” and “comparative international education.” He is a professor at the National Pedagogical University, president of the Research Network in Leadership and Educational Practice A.C. “Interleader” and academic coordinator of the International Symposium on Educational Leadership (SILEd). He was a full-time researcher at the Institute for Research on University and Education (IISUE) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He completed a postdoctoral degree at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, being the first scholarship recipient of the College of Educational Administration and Leadership by the Educational Administration and Leadership Unit (SELU). He is coordinator of the books “Educational leadership in Ibero-America, a mapping of Spanish-speaking research”, “Research models in educational leadership, an international review”, “Leadership in times of confinement. Essays towards a renewed education”, and is the author of the book “Training of School Directors. Comparison of international programs in the context of management.

Ph.D. Fabiola Mabel Sáez Delgado

Conference: “Regulation and co-regulation processes of school-level students and their impact on academic results

Research academic at the Faculty of Education and Deputy Director of the Center for Research in Education and Development of the Catholic University of the Santísima Concepción (UCSC), Chile. Head of the Master's program in Educational Sciences at UCSC. Professor in different Education and Psychology programs at the University of Concepción, Chile. She researches cognitive motivational variables of teaching and learning processes, mental health variables in educational communities, and socio-emotional competencies. Chairs in the UCSC Doctorate in Education Program on Education Research and Quantitative Data Analysis with the use of R statistical software. Specialist in systematic reviews, psychometrics and analysis of predictive and explanatory models in Education. Member of the International Research Group Society, Education and Psychology (GISEP) and leader of the Cognition, Emotion and Disruptive Technologies in Education Research Group. She has published more than 50 scientific articles, led projects with national and international funding, and presents her research at various national and international conferences.

Master Nestor Reyes

Conference: “The face of Resilience

Lic. in Psychology (UTEG) and Master in Psychotherapy (ITESO). He is a State, National and International Lecturer on Human Development and NLP Topics, Thanatologist, Promoter and Resilience Specialist at an International level. He has been a professor at different universities and a member of the Suicide Prevention Network of the State of Jalisco and the International Network for Community Resilience. He is a member of different schools, societies and scientific programs (Mexican Association of Resilience in Jalisco at the Latin American level, and others). General Director at the Luxor Institute of the West S.A.S. of C.V. (Luxor Corporate) and Psychotherapist at the Jalisciense Women's Institute. He has directed, coordinated and participated in different national and international psychology conferences. He is the author of the books “Truths to Carry… The Phrases of Much Good” (2018) and The Face of Resilience… Passion and Much Good for Life” (2022). He was awarded the “FORJADORES DE MÉXICO JALISCO 2023” Award for professional, teaching and social leadership career for more than 19 years.

5th International Conference: 'Challenges of Law in the 21st Century'  "IusXXI 2023"

Benjamín Rivaya García

Conference: “Law and Cinema

Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Oviedo (Spain), where he was Dean of the Faculty of Law.

VIII International Symposium on Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences " VIII SIQF 2023"

Dr. Yury Valdés Balbín

Conference: “Chemistry in vaccine development: experiences from the Finlay Vaccine Institute

Deputy Director of the Finlay Vaccine Institute. Degree in Chemistry from the University of Havana (2000) Responsible for the production process of the synthetic adhesive for the vaccine against Haemophilus Influenzae Type b. Member of the group of authors of the Hib vaccine, leader of the conjugate vaccine project against Streptococcus pneumoniae. One of the leading scientists of specific vaccines against COVID-19 (Soberana). Annual Prize of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (2001, 2004, 2016, 2018) Annual National Prize for Public Health (2018). Award for the Applied Result of Greatest Contribution to Social Development for the "Cuban Vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type b registered under the name of Quimi-Hib" (2007). More than 20 articles presented in international journals

3rd Workshop on Internationalization of Higher Education 2023

"INTES 2023"

Dra. C María Victoria Villavicencio Plasencia

Conference: “Internationalization of higher education. Strategies, challenges and perspectives for sustainable development

Director of International Relations of the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba. She graduated in Literature from the Central University of Las Villas. She holds a doctorate in Educational Sciences from the University of Havana. Master of Science from the University of Havana. Diploma in Public Administration from the Higher Institute of International Relations and in International Cooperation at the Technological University of Havana. He has published articles in Cuban and foreign magazines and books. She has participated as an expert on internationalization in working groups at the national, regional and international levels. She has more than 50 papers presented at international events and has given lectures at universities in: Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, France, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, the United Kingdom, among others. In multilateral spaces, she has participated in several UNESCO general conferences, in CRES 2018 and in working commissions of the Ibero-American Secretariat (SEGIB) and the University Agency of Francophonie (AUF). At the regional level she has had, among others, the following responsibilities: Member of the Board of Directors of IESALC UNESCO. Coordinator for the Caribbean of the University Social Responsibility Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean (ORSALC). Vice President of the Network of International Relations Networks of Latin America and the Caribbean (ReLARIES). She has led several international cooperation projects. Academic coordinator for the MES of two Erasmus Plus projects of the European Union: Strengthening the Internationalization of Higher Education (FORINT) and Strengthening the impact of Latin American universities (IMPALA). She received the distinction for Cuban Education, she was awarded the Academic Palms order awarded by the Government of France.

10th International Scientific Conference on Agricultural Development and Sustainability


Ydael Jesús Pérez Brito

Conference: “Transformations of the agricultural system towards strengthening municipal agrarian development

Graduate of Agricultural Engineering. He was First Vice Minister of Agriculture and appointed on April 14, 2021 Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Cuba

2nd International Symposium on Habitat and Sustainable Communities

"HAB-COM 2023"

Dra.C. Arquitecta Anelis Marichal González

Conference: “Territory and city in the New Urban Agenda in Cuba

Member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences. Doctor in Technical Sciences. Master in Regional Development. Assistant teacher. Scientific field of work-research Urbanism, Urban Planning and Regional Development. Thirty-four years of professional experience, including construction technician; designer in the health sector; professor and Dean of the Faculty of Construction of the University of Camagüey; positions at the three levels of the Physical Planning system: director and member of the municipal and provincial administration councils in Camagüey, director of Territorial Planning of the IPF, general director of Planning, currently Vice President. Scientific responsibilities: member of the Academic Committee of the Doctorate in Architecture, CUJAE and of the Academic Committee of the Master's Degree in Territorial Planning and Urban Planning, CUJAE. She has participated in international and national events, published various articles in magazines and is co-author of 6 books. Recognitions for scientific research: three provincial prizes awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, National Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba 2012, Prize for the result that reflects the scientific advance of greatest significance and originality 2015 and Prize for the Technological Innovation 2019, Order "Carlos J. Finlay" 2023.

Dr.C. Arquitecto Rubén Bancroft Hernández

Conference: “The training of architects in Cuba as a transdisciplinary contribution to habitat and sustainable communities

Doctor Honoris Causa from the Technological University of Havana. Architect (1969) University of Havana. Doctor Summa Cum Laude (1981), Weimar, Germany. Doctor Honoris Causa from the Technological University of Havana, CUJAE. Professor of Merit and Full Professor. Faculty of Architecture, Instituto Superior Politécnico José A. Echeverría, CUJAE. Vice President of the National Court of Doctorates in Architecture and Urbanism of Cuba. He currently teaches at CUJAE and at the University of Camagüey.