13rd International Conference of Business Sciences "CICE 2023"

13rd International Conference of Business Sciences

CICE 2023

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas (UCLV), convenes researchers, academics, managers, businessmen, decision-makers of government policies, students and other social actors involved in the activity of science and innovation and environmental protection, to participate in the XIII International Conference on Business Sciences (CICE 2023), within the framework of the IV International Scientific Convention on Science, Technology and Society (CCI 2023), to meet from November 13 to 17, 2023 at the Cayos de Villa Clara Tourist Destination, Cuba. The meeting will have as its central theme: Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development.

The current world context demands the design of initiatives that promote scientific and technological cooperation with an inclusive approach, in the field of economic, accounting-financial, tourism and management sciences aimed at promoting progress and advancing in the fulfillment of the Objectives. Development Goals (SDG) for Sustainable Development, approved by the United Nations General Assembly. In this field, experts of recognized international and national prestige will give master lectures and round tables, symposiums, seminars, workshops will be held.
There will also be a virtual participation modality, facilitating through the platform the live transmission of activities that will be specified in the event program.
The organizing committee reiterates the invitation to this meeting that will promote an important contribution to scientific development, in an academic environment, fostering a climate of cooperation, friendship and mutual solidarity.

Organizing committee CICE 2023
   Ph. D. Maylin Suárez González. Titular teacher. Dean of the Faculty of Economic             Sciences, UCLV.
        maylins@uclv.edu.cu          +53 42281272
     Executive Secretary
   Ph. D. Yelenys Díaz González. Titular teacher. Vice Dean  of the Faculty of Economic       Sciences, UCLV.
         yelenysdg@uclv.edu.cu         +53 42281272
     Platform Coordinator
   Ph. D. Yudiesky Cancio Díaz. Titular teacher.  Faculty of Economic  Sciences, UCLV.
     Official contact of CICE-2023

Scientific Comittee of CICE 2023
   Ph. D. Abel Sarduy Quintanilla. Titular teacher. Faculty of Economic  Sciences, UCLV.
        abelsq@uclv.edu.cu            +53 42281059
   Ph. D. Alexis Orlando García Fleites. Modern Management Symposium Coordinator.     Titular teacher.  Director of the Center for Business Management Studies                 (CEDE), Faculty of Economic  Sciences, UCLV.
         alexiso@uclv.cu            +53 42211693
    Ph. D. Kenia Álvarez Cepero. Coordinator HOTELTUR, 2023. Assistant teacher.          Department of Tourism, Faculty of Economic  Sciences, UCLV.
          keniaac@uclv.edu.cu             +53 42281272
    Ph. D. Yerenis Torres Cala. Conference on Business Economics. Titular teacher.     Department of Economic, Faculty of Economic  Sciences, UCLV.
          yerenist@uclv.cu             +53 42281059 
     Ph. D. Taymi González Morera. Coordinator Accounting Finance and Audit          Symposium. Titular teacher. Department of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of           Economic Sciences, UCLV.
          taymigm@uclv.edu.cu              +53 42281059

  Visited: https://convencion.uclv.cu/es/

    Papers and abstracts will be sent to:
All papers and summaries must be sent to the Coordinators according to the event to which you wish to participate, with a copy to the official email of the XIII CICE (cice@uclv.cu), indicating in the subject of the email the name of the event to which you are submitting a paper. If the author considers that his topic is not related to the axes mentioned above, others can be indicated, under the condition of relationship with the event in which he wishes to participate.

Conference location

IV International Scientific Convention UCLV 2023
Santa María Keys
Caibarien, VCL

Sub eventos

November 13, 2023
Inicio - 8:30 AM
November 17, 2023
Fin - 5:00 PM Cuba

IV International Scientific Convention UCLV 2023

Santa María Keys
Caibarien, VCL 50100

IV International Scientific Convention UCLV 2023


Roberto Cabrera Alvarez


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