13rd International Conference on Business Sciences "CICE 2023"

13rd International Conference on Business Sciences

CICE 2023

                         Welcome to CICE
The Faculty of Economic Sciences of Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas, within the framework of the IV International Scientific Convention on Science, Technology and Society (IV CCI) UCLV 2023, is pleased to convene the XIII International Conference on Business Sciences (XIII CICE), to be held from November 13th to 17th, 2023 in Cayo Santamaría keys in the central region of Cuba.
CICE provides a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between specialists, professionals, researchers, managers and students from different countries, on current scientific-technical and innovation issues, related to the following branches of knowledge of economic sciences:
- Business economy
- Accounting, finance and audit
- Modern management
- Tourism related studies
Within the framework of the convention, there will be keynote lectures, round tables, virtual posters, pre-congress courses, virtual exhibitions, product promotions from co-sponsoring companies, interactive forums, promotional videos, III Innovation Fair, products, services, and solutions engineering and business innovation.
Organizing committee CICE 2023
   Dr. Maylin Suárez González.  Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, UCLV.
        maylins@uclv.edu.cu          +53 42281272
     Executive Secretary
   Dr. Yelenys Díaz González
         yelenysdg@uclv.edu.cu         +53 42281272
     Platform Coordinator
   Dr. Yudiesky Cancio Díaz
     Official contact of CICE-2023

Scientific Comittee of CICE 2023
   Dr. Abel Sarduy Quintanilla
        abelsq@uclv.edu.cu            +53 42281059
   Dr. Alexis Orlando García Fleites. Modern Management Symposium Coordinator.  
         alexiso@uclv.cu            +53 42211693
    Dr. Kenia Álvarez Cepero. Coordinator HOTELTUR, 202
          keniaac@uclv.edu.cu             +53 42281272
    Dr. Yerenis Torres Cala. Conference on Business Economics Coordinator.
          yerenist@uclv.cu             +53 42281059 
     Dr. Taymi González Morera. Coordinator Accounting , Finance and Audit          Symposium          taymigm@uclv.edu.cu              +53 42281059 
Templates for your contributions are the following:
Templates for your poster (if needed) are the following:
Submit your contributions directly to the subevent your are about to attend. Links are below.
Information on fees, tour package and payment arrangements, please, consult the main website.
The scientific activities within the XIII CICE will take place from the 13st to 15th of November in the location of Meliá Las Dunas Hotel.
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Pre-event courses are available:

Title: Corporate Social Responsibility.

Professor: Dr. C. Carlos Cristóbal Martínez Martínez (Cuba)


Title: Public Policy for Food Security at Local Level.  


Dr. C. Zulma Donelly Ramírez Cruz (Cuba)

Dr. C. Roberto Muñoz González (Cuba)

Dr. C. Yerenis Torres Cala (Cuba)


Title: Digital Marketing


Dr. C. Dayana Duffus Miranda (Cuba)


Reception of abstracts and papers: Until September 15th, 2023
Notification of acceptance: Until September 30th, 2023
Final delivery of works: Until October 6th, 2023

Please, follow this steps to upload your full contribution to our event (see the pdf file).


Conference location

IV International Scientific Convention UCLV 2023
Santa María Keys, Hotel Starfish
Caibarien, VCL


The registration fee for nationals includes a Certificate of Participation and publication of the best papers in the journals that will sponsor the event.

Sub events

November 13, 2023
Inicio - 8:30 AM
November 15, 2023
Fin - 5:00 PM Cuba

IV International Scientific Convention UCLV 2023

Santa María Keys, Hotel Starfish
Caibarien, VCL 50100

IV International Scientific Convention UCLV 2023


Yudiesky Cancio Díaz


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