II International Conference on Industrial Engineering "CINDUS 2023"

II International Conference on Industrial Engineering


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The Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas, Institution of Excellence for Higher Education in Cuba, convenes the IV International Scientific Convention on Science, Technology and Society UCLV 2023, under the slogan "Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development."

Researchers, academics, teachers, managers, businessmen, government policy decision-makers, students and other social actors involved in science and innovation and environmental protection activities may participate, in addition, we will have the presentation of master conferences by experts from recognized international and national prestige, as well as other scientific activities from a multidisciplinary and intersectoral perspective.

The successful celebration of the I International Industrial Engineering Conference (CINDUS) within the framework of the III International Scientific Convention 2019 of the Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas and the International Industry Symposium in 2021, demonstrated the need for continuous exchange in the different areas of Industrial Engineering, as well as the exchange of scientific, academic and practical criteria, with great impact on the community participating scientist. Above all, in the post-pandemic period, today's research must perceive a new normality that will never be the same, with new challenges from society in the field of health with the emergence of COVID-19 and the international conflicts that have led countries and companies to look for new ways to reconfigure their logistics chains, products and services that satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

There will be a hybrid participation modality: face-to-face and through virtual platforms, as imposed by the current world scenario, in the face of the confrontation with Covid-19.

Our Conference encourages academics, businessmen and technicians to adopt practices that contribute to Sustainable Development from their different areas of action and share these experiences within the framework of CINDUS 2023

Researchers, academics, businessmen, government policy makers, students and other specialists from around the world who work to achieve sustainable development will be able to participate.

The themes will be focused on:

• Advanced and traditional optimization techniques

• Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

• Decision analysis

• Operations research

• Systems Modeling and Simulation

• Business intelligence, E-Business and E-Commerce

• Information Technology (IT) Management

• Artificial Intelligence Systems

• Engineering and information processing

• Environmental and sustainability management in organizations

• Internet of things

• Maintenance and reliability engineering

• Asset Management

• Risk management in maintenance

• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

• Logistics and supply chain management

• Just-in-time system (JIT) and lean manufacturing

• Projects management

• The SDGs in the teaching of Industrial Engineering

• Other topics related to Industrial Engineering

The different themes will be incorporated into the following panels:

• Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

• Quality management, quality engineering, Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen, Poka-Yoke

• HRD Systems (Human Resources Development)

• Ergonomics and human factor engineering

• Safety, health and risk management

• Knowledge management

• Technology and Innovation Management

• Manufacturing systems, technology and engineering, e-manufacturing

• Planification and control of the production

• Industry 4.0

1. Data analysis and operations research.

2. Business computing.

3. Sustainability in organizations.

4. Human capital.

5. Quality management and engineering.

6. Management of production, operations and supply chains.

7. Maintenance and Asset Management.


Master conferences, exhibition of papers in workshops, panels, presentation of books, magazines and compendiums of articles related to the topics raised, collateral activities expressive of the national culture.

Language of the works: Works written in Spanish and English will be received.

The best 10 papers presented at the conference will be selected for subsequent publication in a journal in the area of ​​knowledge indexed in: SciELO, Latindex, Dialnet and Directory of Open Access Journals –DOAJ.


The works will be uploaded to the event website https://convencion.uclv.cu/, in PDF format according to the event template. The maximum extension of 15 pages, including the annexes.

For registration go to https://convencion.uclv.cu/es/web/signup



President: Dr. C René Abreu Ledón

Secretary: Dr. C Frank Medel González

To send abstracts, papers and information, contact us: cindus@uclv.cu or visit https://convencion.uclv.cu/es/

Ubicación del evento

III Convención Científica Internacional UCLV 2021
Highway to Camajuaní 5 1/2 km
Santa Clara VCL


Los detalles para el registro serán publicados próximamente
Fecha y Hora
November 13, 2023
Inicio - 8:00 AM
November 17, 2023
Fin - 5:00 PM Cuba

III Convención Científica Internacional UCLV 2021

Highway to Camajuaní 5 1/2 km
Santa Clara VCL 50100

III Convención Científica Internacional UCLV 2021


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