XIX Simposio Internacional de Ingeniería Eléctrica "SIE 2021"

XIX Simposio Internacional de Ingeniería Eléctrica

SIE 2021


The Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas in the framework of the III International Scientific Convention of Science, Technology and Society "CCI 2021" is pleased to invites you to participate in the XIX Symposium of Electrical Engineering, SIE 2021, under the theme: "Innovation, contributions, challenges and perspectives for Sustainable Development.
The event will have as Guest of Honor Dr. C. José Luis García Cuevas, Doctor Honoris Causa of the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas and advisor to the President of the Republic for Science, Technology and Innovation. Dr. C. José Luis García Cuevas will hold the Keynote Conference that will kick off the event.


The XIX International edition of the SIE 2021 will bring together specialists, professionals, research managers, and students from various countries, to promote the exchange of information on current scientific issues related with the Electrical Engineering, Automation, Electronics, Biomedicine, and Information and Communication Technologies.


  • Transmission, Distribution and efficient use of Electric Energy: Electric Machines and Drives, Electric Power Systems and Distribution Networks, Electric Protections, Power Quality, Power Systems Renewable, Smart Grids, High Voltage Techniques and Electrical Insulation, Industrial Electrical Installations. Contributions of small and medium-sized companies linked to solutions to society's needs.
  • Telecommunications and Electronics as support for social and business processes: Internet of things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Wireless Networks (Wifi 6, advanced LTE and 5G), Radio Cognitive Networks, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Fixed and Mobile Broadband Networks, Radiopropagation Optical Communications Networks, Antennas, Satellite Communications. Electronic Instrumentation, Embedded Systems and SoC, FPGA, Arduinos, Digital Signal Processing (Audio and Video), Digital Terrestrial Television. Standardized electronic health (e-health) and mobile health (m-health) systems. Contributions of small and medium-sized companies linked to solutions to society's needs.
  • Automation, robotics and IIoT based on technical-productive and social processes: Industrial Instrumentation, Measurement and Control Systems, Theory and Control Methods, Optimization, Installations Energy, Home Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics, Vehicles Unmanned, Computing, Intelligent Control, SCADAS and DCS Systems, Precision Agriculture, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Computing in Automation. Contributions of small and medium-sized companies linked to solutions to society's needs.
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing at the service of the economy and society: Techniques for digital image and signal processing and analysis. Algorithms, software and hardware for computer vision. Transmission, co-registration, compression and optimization of images and digital signals. Pattern recognition in signs and images. Biomedical instrumentation. Quality control of biomedical equipment. Contributions of small and medium-sized companies linked to solutions to society's needs.
  • The training and improvement of engineers in the sector with an innovative vision: Quality of professional training in branches related to Electrical, Electronic, Automatic and Biomedical Engineering. Study plans to promote technological innovation. New Learning Technologies. Continuous training of the specialist. Inverted classroom. Thought-based learning. Project-based learning. Educational Robotics. Gamification and Telecollaboration.


Receipt of abstracts and papers: until August 31, 2021.
Confirmation of acceptance of papers: September 15, 2021.
Final submission of papers: 30 September 2021 .

President of the Organizing Committee:

Dr. C. Juan Pablo Barrios Rodríguez.(barrios@uclv.edu.cu)

President of the Scientific Committee:

Dr. C. Eduardo Izaguirre Castellanos (izaguirre@uclv.edu.cu)

Executive Secretary:

Dr. C. Erik Ortiz Guerra (erik@uclv.edu.cu)


Ms. C. Rafael Alejandro Olivera Solís (rolivera@uclv.edu.cu)


Dr. C. José R. Abreu García (Doctor Honoris Causa). UCLV. (abreu@uclv.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Francisco Herrera Fernández. UCLV. (herrera@uclv.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Ignacio Pérez Abril. UCLV. (iperez@uclv.edu.cu)
Dra. C. Marlén Pérez Díaz. UCLV. (mperez@uclv.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Félix Florentino Álvarez Paliza. UCLV. (fapaliza@uclv.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Luis E. Hernández Santana. UCLV. (luishs@uclv.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Jandecy Cabral Leite. ITEGAM, Brasil. jandecycabral@hotmail.com)
Dr. C. José García Moros. UNIZAR, España. (jogarmo@unizar.es)
Dr. C. Raúl Cera Ochoa. San Mateo University Foundation, Colombia. (editorial@sanmateo.edu.co)
Dra. C. Caridad Anías Calderón. Technological University of Havana, UTH. (cacha@tesla.cujae.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Orestes Llanes Santiago. Technological University of Havana, UTH. (orestes@tesla.cujae.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Orestes Hernández Areu. Electroenergetic Research and Testing Center, CIPEL (orestesh@electrica.cujae.edu.cu)
Dr. C Miguel Castro Fernández. Electroenergetic Research and Testing Center, CIPEL. (mcastro@electrica.cujae.edu.cu)
Dr. C. Zaid García Sanchez. Center for Energy and Environment Studies, CEEMA. Cienfuegos. (zgarcia@ucf.edu.cu)


The papers are presented in PDF format in the official languages of the event: Spanish and English. You can get our templates and more information through our  site.

Descargue el llamado en formato PDF aquí


Registro para XIX Simposio Internacional de Ingeniería Eléctrica
200,00 CUP 200.0 CUP
Final de las ventas en 30/09/2021
Fecha y Hora
15 de noviembre de 2021
Inicio - 8:00
22 de noviembre de 2021
Fin - 17:00 Cuba

3rd International Scientific Convention UCLV 2021


Rafael Alejandro Olivera Solís


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